I'm Jendrik. I work on products and companies of the future with inspiring and creative people. I've been a machine learning researcher, a senior software engineer in small and large scale tech companies such as Coinbase. Nowadays, I'm part of the investment team as Principal Research Engineer at the crypto investment firm Greenfield Capital.


  • Scala: DSL for Unit-Testing Kafka Streams Topologies
  • Scala: Imports Ethereum on-chain data into Kafka ecosystem
  • Scala: JSON-RPC client for Ethereum/Bitcoin nodes
  • Typescript/React: Mouseless paged-reader for the browser
  • Low-latency Kafka Streams State Store Memcached
  • Scala: Intervals for Twitter Util
  • Twitter Streaming API Example with Kafka Streams
  • Rust: Fun Project to learn Rust

Topic of Minimalism

Via Negativa, Hoarding Principles and Minimalism

Nassim Taleb argues that the best way for a person or organization to become antifragile (something that gains from setbacks and chaos rather than just survives) is to first decrease their downside. How can you eliminate the downside? By avoiding it. The act of not-doing something stupid, has a neutral or positive effect. Its improvement through substraction. Substraction also leads to focus. And this is what minimalism is all about. [...]

Countermeasures Against Phone Addiction

Our phones are omni-present in our attention-driven world. And most of us have an intimate relationship with it. But are we in control? Companies optimize for engagement, and engagement with an app means for a user to be hooked. Short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops are a central part of data centric companies such as Facebook and Google, and their bought companies, such as Instagram and WhatsApp, to retrieve as much data from a user as possible. But in fact, wasting their valueable lifetime. [...]

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Topic of Crypto

The Multi-Chain Future

A multi-chain future with monetary value and trustless data flowing freely and inter-chain, would be more adaptable to changing conditions in the environment, more scalable, more resilient and naturally synergies would emerge. [...]

Generic and typesafe Blockchain-RPC

At TokenAnalyst we decided to build a thin layer library called blockchain-rpc to only connect, download and parse raw data into abstract data types in a typesafe Scala way. In the principle of: do one thing and do it well. Its open source and wed like to invite you to collaborate on it. [...]

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Topic of Kafka

Kafcache: Memcached + Kafka Streams

Introducing Kafcache a Memcached Kafka state store bridge for processing topologies in which low-latency matters. At TokenAnalyst we take low-latency seriously and use Memcached for our machine learning model application, for instance labelling, but also for lookup intensive data transformations. [...]

Tunnel your Kafka Cluster from AWS

Tunneling your AWS Kafka topics to your local developer box for fun and profit: Experimenting with real data is way more fun, plus, it decreases the turn-over if the developer has to cope with complex data. In the latter case, one can easily consume data and build test fixtures for a new stream processor, or test against real data directly (fail fast). [...]

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Topic of Scala

Cross-version Scala Logging with SBT

In this article, I want to give a beginner example of how to use SBTs cross version feature for building for both e.g. Scala 2.10 and Scala 2.11 by also solving a real-world dependency problem with Typesafes Scala Logging. [...]

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Topic of Health

Regaining Fitness in a COVID-19 World

After a three months stay in self-isolation for safety I got lazy, fat and mentally stressed and slightly depressed. The fear of COVID-19 infection kept me inside, until I couldnt stand my unfitness anymore. I hit my rock-bottom in fitness and to my surprise I didnt make COVID-19 responsible for this. Its simply not me. I accepted my defeat. And started from zero again. [...]

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