Topic of Blockchain

The Multi-Chain Future

A multi-chain future with monetary value and trustless data flowing freely and inter-chain, would be more adaptable to changing conditions in the environment, more scalable, more resilient and naturally synergies would emerge. [...]

Generic and typesafe Blockchain-RPC

At TokenAnalyst we decided to build a thin layer library called blockchain-rpc to only connect, download and parse raw data into abstract data types in a typesafe Scala way. In the principle of: do one thing and do it well. Its open source and wed like to invite you to collaborate on it. [...]

Memory Pool for Fun and Profit

The Memory Pool, the "waiting room" for transactions, has all sent and relayed transactions long before they are mined in a block. Interestingly, given an estimate on how the network and miners behave, one can predict transactions included in the next few blocks with a 90% probability. In this article, we will dive into transaction propagation and Memory Pool fundamentals to introduce the idea of Predictive Consensus. [...]

Trust in Blockchain and Smart Contracts

Trust issues are the reason why we have Bitcoin, why we have Ethereum. In statements it is: "We dont trust the government, because it is printing money out of thin air." or "We want to cut out the middle-man and decentralize the infrastructure.". While proof-of-work eliminates the required trust into a single entity, the need of trust in any other layer remains. If we need to trust somebody or a company, due to the lack of transparency or literacy, to run Bitcoin or Ethereum, then the whole discussion about true decentralization is pointless. [...]

Reliable, Fast Access to On-Chain Data

At TokenAnalyst, we are building the core infrastructure to integrate, clean, and analyze blockchain data. Data on a blockchain is also known as on-chain data. We offer both historical and low-latency data streams of on-chain data across multiple blockchains. [...]

Weird Quirks We Found in Ethereum Nodes

At TokenAnalyst we are experts at hosting, running, and extracting valuable information from blockchain nodes. Through our time working with Ethereum, we encountered some interesting quirks that wed love to share with the broader community. We work with the two top most-used Ethereum clients, namely Geth (go-ethereum), built mainly by the Ethereum Foundation, and Parity, built by Parity Technologies. [...]